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Continued testimonials about Elizabeth and Venus Rising Breathwork:

Elizabeth is a beautiful, nurturing, spiritual soul.

I've enjoyed her therapeutic Rebirthing and massage treatments.
My girlfriend gets a great deal from her Rebirthing experiences with Elizabeth. She gains strength, empowerment, and ease in life and returns clearer and less stressed about business and life circumstances. Elizabeth is an amazing, heartfelt person and extremely talented in her craft. I would recommend her to anyone in need of some clarity or relaxation in their lives.

- A.B., Journalist (F)

Elizabeth is a wonderful, nurturing, caring, strong, grounded practitioner. She cares deeply for her work and her clients. Elizabeth contributed much to my own personal growth, but especially during my healing process after 9/11. The work with her saved me from descending into a deep dark place. Flying out to see her in that time provided me much needed grieving and strength for recuperating in the months and years following. What I appreciate about Elizabeth too is that she's a real person, with a real life story and not this "Oz, Guru Type ethereal" person. She is on her own journey of growth and her wisdom comes from life, which makes the collaboration endearing, practical and resonant.

- A.M., Actor (F)

Rebirthing has transformed my life. I live in abundance and feel that I've moved through fear and self-loathing. I learned to love myself and reconnect with life. Above all, I feel grateful for the doors it's opened and thankful for the journey.

- B. Server (F)

Admittedly, when I first heard about "rebirthing", I thought it was some kinda new-agey spacey-casey 1980s harmonic converging tree hugging  airy fairy 'woo woo' quackery that was invented in Marin. But then I met Elizabeth Lutfy at the Venus Rising Healing Center. Let me tell you about Elizabeth. She is the Queen Bee of all Healer Bees. She is the mother healer, sent directly from the mothership of human creation. Upon meeting her, I was instantly calmed by her gentle soothing deportment and grounded pragmatic approach. All of my preconceived notions about Rebirthing were smashed to smithereenies as she explained the simple connection of Breath, body, and emotions. Over a lifetime, as emotions get stuffed, Breathing gets shallow. Therefore, as Breathing gets deeper and more deliberate, emotions get unstuffed or loosened. In with the new (Breath), out with the old (crusty negative emotions). So simple, but not easy. I laid down on the comfortable padded massage table and was bundled in cozy blankets and Elizabeth's maternal warmth. Assisted by her fine coaching and tableside manner, I Breathed and Breathed once a week for an entire YEAR!  All I can say at this point is that my inner demons were exposed for the liars that they are.. and then--best of all--they were hoisted to the heavens and relinquished into the light.. and given the ultra violet zap that they deserved. Thanks to Elizabeth's passionate pursuit of her own inner work, the world is a better place--the direct beneficiary of the gifts she's gleaned from it.  As a result of Elizabeth's highly skilled guidance & care, I am a happier, more energized, more liberated, demon busting individual.  Highest praise (and recommendation) to Elizabeth Lutfy.

- B.J., Law Student (F)

I was lucky; have been going through a REALLY rough time, freshly broken heart, recently out of work, life going to heck, basically... and a friend gave me an hour & a half re-birthing session with Elizabeth Lufty, of the Venus Rising Healing Center. Frankly, I'd never have gone looking for a re-birthing, the whole thing just sounded too new age-y for me, but as I was hurting SO badly, I was not about to turn my back on free healing of any type.

Elizabeth is a goddess at her work. She knew just how to lead me through the experience, using mostly breathing techniques, but other techniques also, and I felt almost literally re-born by the middle of the session. By the end, I felt like I was ready to start my life anew.
This woman is a talented healer, and she knows how to share her gifts, how to reach her clients. I am a pretty defensive person, unlike my friend, who had the appointment immediately before mine. Like any good healer, she took some time between appointments to clear her own energy, and she helped me to open my eyes and my self to a lot of things I'd been missing in my anaesthetised state. I cannot rant loudly or largely enough about how good this woman is at healing. Go see her, if you can, and be healed.

- B. J., Therapist (F)

Sessions with Elizabeth took me places I didn’t know I had inside myself.
My experiences have been intense to say the least. She is gifted, nonjudgmental, and her energy is safe and sound when you feel the need to howl, kick or cry. Breathwork is a fascinating thing. It’s not what you think it is going to be. It’s more. It’s way way more. Thank you, Elizabeth. I will never forget that.

- B.J., Salon Owner (F)

Elizabeth created a safe and caring environment during the Rebirthing Workshop. This atmosphere allowed me to let go and give in to my own sensations. The actual breathing process helped me to realign myself in my body and to really feel my aliveness. I felt energy channels open up that had been closed for a long time. I felt rejuvenated and cleansed after the workshop. I went directly to the beach and walked in the sand barefoot under an almost full moon.

- B.T., Therapist (F)

Elizabeth is AMAZING. The breathwork she does is PHENOMENAL. Look, I don't even live in San Francisco anymore, and I'm still writing this review because the difference the breathwork we did together has made in my life is still evident in my relationships and in my life- several years later. I have done tons of stuff in the world of metaphysics, healing, and spiritual growth and I can honestly say that working with Elizabeth is absolutely TOP NOTCH. Before you go wasting your time, energy, money, and emotional investment in some "pretty good" healing, GO SEE ELIZABETH and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE. Whew! I hope I said it so you can hear it!

- C.B. Musician/Songwiter (F)

In my first Breathwork session with Elizabeth Lutfy, I wanted to transform my inability to fully receive abundance. Six weeks later I find myself naturally attracting great new gigs, an unexpected grant, and I'm happier than I've been most winters. Elizabeth helped me shed serious limiting beliefs from family and cultural programming. In one session!
I feel completely safe and truly met by Elizabeth. Her own journey to transcend the wounded healer and fully thrive has forged her into a supreme and humble practitioner. There was no judgment, just her compassionate humanity. She's able to be with whatever comes up and to go with me exactly where I need to go. She fully trusts her client's inner healer and collaborates perfectly with that innate intelligence.
It's a delightful surprise to meet the divine Big Love in the form of smart, funny, passionate, everyday Elizabeth. What's shocking is the dawning awareness that the IT we're seeking also comes through me, and each one of us. Can't wait to return to the Venus Rising womb room to let go of more layers of stuff I don't need. I'm so grateful that Elizabeth is here offering Rebirthing, her authentic gift of loving service.

- C.H., Healer (F)

I've been in the Bay Area for a year and a half now.
Before going to my first session, I was a little nervous as I don't use to feel very confident about express myself in English, and even less about communicate personal experiences to a person I just met for the first time.
Then Elizabeth opened the door of her house and invited me in making me feel totally comfortable.
During the very first minute of session and breath work I naturally told her about experiences from the past; emotionally it was really intense, and she was by my side with love, compassion and understanding guiding me during the breath work and helping me to express myself; at the end of the session I felt PEACE.
After that I remember she told me: "there are bananas in the kitchen and tea, make yourself comfortable", and so I did, I ate a banana and meditated in the sofa what had happened in that session.

I feel she is totally trustworthy, magic and intuitive.
When I have found myself lost in translation, I discovered Elizabeth speaks and understands Spanish too !
And this was very powerful to me, in a way that I was able to communicate experiences directly in my mother tongue that she would perfectly understand !
I recommend everybody of any age to just go and see her, there is nothing to fear of, It would be an appointment with Elizabeth and with your true self.

Thank you Elizabeth for help me to heal experiences from the past and present, it's been 2 months going to see you, and I feel amazed when I look back to see where I'm at now.
I love you, I feel very grateful of doing this personal work with your unique guidance.

Eternamente agradecida. C.L. Animator (F)



Elizabeth is truly sent from the heavens and I'm sure a true blessing to anyone who has been to see her. I don't even really know where to start... Each session is self-guided and dependent on you and your comfort level. But there is no denying the love, compassion and understanding in her heart. Her wisdom and spiritual depth is like no one I have ever met and she really does bring clarity into your life. Learning to breathe has given me the power to overcome any obstacles that come my way. Thank you Elizabeth!

- C.M., Businesswoman (F)

One session of Rebirthing with Elizabeth equals something like 4 years of talk therapy. It's like a decade of stuckness and stagnation can move in an hour. Elizabeth has a knack (I really believe she's psychic) for knowing what's at the core of your pain and helping you breathe it out. Over the last 9 months of working with her, I have become a different person.

- C.W., Artist (F)

The magic of the Breathwork is that, while bringing you wholly into the moment, it also touches both the past and the future, the secular and the mystic. Elizabeth created a safe environment for me to productively work through past traumas and at the same time, a fertile arena to develop new behaviors. While regularly doing Breathwork I found I possessed a clarity and inner peace that increased my effectiveness in the real world while providing me a deeper sense of my own spiritual journey.

- D.G., Tech (M)

The rhythmic breathing helped my whole body, not just my eyes, to cry. Elizabeth is an intuitive healer--my body sobbing and a particular place in my neck throbbing, she came to my side and pinched that painful spot. As the pain subsided and my body calmed, I felt a tremendous release and weightlessness. I don't know how she saw my pain, but she did, and it was truly moving.

- D.K., Businesswoman (F)

The magic of the Breathwork is that, while bringing you wholly into the moment, it also touches both the past and the future, the secular and the mystic.  Elizabeth created a safe environment for me to productively work through past traumas and at the same time, a fertile arena to develop new behaviors.  While regularly doing Breathwork I found I possessed a clarity and inner peace that increased my effectiveness in the real world while providing me a deeper sense of my own spiritual journey.

- D.P., Anti-death penalty advocate (M)

With her Breathwork sessions, Elizabeth Lutfy creates a space that is at once peaceful and safe – sacred and magical. My experience of her is one of open, loving energy, which encouraged the same in me. Initially, I was a bit fearful of the process, and Elizabeth encouraged me – gently – to a place of wonder. I went deep into myself, and touched places of pain and places of great joy. In the end I became lighter, freer. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is open to exploring their deepest emotions and releasing old hurts and wounds and moving past them into healing.

- D.S., Interior Designer (M)

Elizabeth is a wonderful person who has helped me to realize a lot of unhealthy patterns in my life. I love her healing practices and homework. Affirmations are helpful as remembering to be kind and to love thy self. I am very happy and thankful I met her. Add in I just took her breathing rebirthing class. What an amazing experience. I felt very peaceful. High on life. Each time you go different stored events/emotions can come up. Her one on one session is even deeper. I can't believe the amazing power our bodies have. Elizabeth made me realize my body had stored so much negative memories it was not helping me to move on in life. I think love is so beautiful, but love for self is the greatest present anyone can give themselves. Thank you Elizabeth for the beautiful moments we have shared and for having the compassion to love us all. God bless you and thank you.

- E.C., Businesswoman (F)

The Rebirthing technique provided me with a reintroduction to my cosmic origins. It is an affirmation of life, joy, intention, surrender and trust. An opportunity to experience my eternal connection to my divine in a firmly tangible and loving environment. I'm still glowing.
Thank you.

- G.R., Therapist (F)

Elizabeth's potent combination of deep compassion and exceptional skill came at a time when I needed profound healing. Her work was exceptional and I am grateful to have found her when I did. She has a great gift and a fierce heart.

- H.L., Activist (M)



To describe fully what Elizabeth's guidance has done for me can be difficult to describe in words. It's hard to describe what it feels like to be liberated from the near-constant presence of void, pain, anxiety that took residence in my chest for over a decade. The mind in its constant efforts to search outside one's "self" for that which it can never find, the Essence of who you are which resides within. Elizabeth showed me that path. She's showed it to hundreds of us.

I existed, and in fact, was conditioned, to be a product of my thoughts, constantly striving to define myself with career, external interests, knowledge, etc... But under the surface, buried in my chest, was this sense that "something is wrong with me". It had been there since my adolescence. By all accounts, I was viewed as a very decent person, intelligent, "successful",conducted myself honorably, but none of that could fill what I later termed "The Void". I was little more than an external image who struggled to present myself to the world as "complete", a jenga game with wobbly blocks from top to bottom, terrified someone or something would touch me and knock me down, and have to rebuild myself. Again, and again...

I went the psychotherapy route seeking liberation for years. It was helpful, supportive. But I didn't need more cognitive work. More knowledge of my personal psychology didn't fill The Void, or relieve the anxiety and depression. I came to the conclusion that the only path I hadn't tried was the spiritual route, and that's where Elizabeth's wisdom and guidance began transforming this faulty sense of brokeness I "knew" was part of "me", that fundamental, ever-present insecurity.

To describe the process of my "awakening" would be too lenghty, and everone's process is different, so it might be difficult for one to relate to it until you've experienced it for yourself. Call it getting in touch with one's Buddha Nature, being "Born Again" with a sense of internal knowingness that our Spirit is part of something much more vast than ourselves.

That Spirit which resides in all of us is expressed with a profound sense of peace, compassion, and love for one's self, and others, that the mind can never produce, and the power of it is rather indescribable. You understand that "you" are not your thoughts, they are put in their proper perspective - you are liberated. And you are put in touch with a wealth of wisdom as you then watch yourself when the old patterns re-emerge, and you laugh at them because you know, in your heart, that those things are entirely seperate from your Essence and do not define you in any form. And the Mind learns it's proper place, as a helpful tool, but not the master of who we are in our Essence. Freedom....

Don't expect immediate awakening. It may take some time to burrow through to it - Elizabeth can explain it much better. In my case, it took only 4 months to get the first incredible experience of being "awoken", and it was a life-changer.

Elizabeth has been there, she knows what your experience has been. I can't recommend her more highly, as her wisdom guided me to being saved and waking me up to what it means to embrace this magical coincidence of life, of being truly "alive".

– J.H., Real Estate (M)




I am very skeptical when talking about non scientific medicine or healing techniques. But I have to say that Elizabeth went far beyond all my prejudices and expectations, and as soon as in my second visit, I found my self there, feeling that this person I had just met, knew me better than anybody else has ever reach to know me.
Some way, from this knowledge, and through her powerful breathing and talking sessions, she has managed to make me feel that for the first time in my life, I can be fully alive.

Thanks Elizabeth.

She speaks Spanish too, I referred some Spanish friends and they have became addicted to her too so I thought it worth the translation.

Siempre he sido muy esceptico cuando se trata de medicinas alternativas o tecnicas de sanacion no cientificas. Pero tengo que reconocer que Elizabeth fue mucho mas alla de mis espectativas y prejuicios. Y ya en la segunda cita me encontre que esta persona
que apenas acababa de conocer, parecia conocerme a mi, mejor de lo que nadie antes me habia conocido. Y de alguna forma desde este conocimiento y atraves de sus poderosas sesiones de respiracion y charla, siento que por primera vez en mi vida puedo estar completamente vivo.

Gracias Elizabeth. -J.M. Animator (M)


Elizabeth Lutfy has guided me through a process of using breath to relieve anxiety, release pain, access strength, and knock some chips off my shoulder. I have entered my mid-adulthood less reactive, less furrowed, less self-destructive, more smiley, more lovin', more connected. She is highly empathetic, talented, consistent, and intuitive.

– J.W., Teacher

The work Elizabeth facilitates goes beyond traditional therapy to help you release patterns of behavior you may have been living with for decades. If you are looking for deep healing so that you can really make changes in your life, Elizabeth might be the practitioner for you.

After over eight years of traditional counseling, I felt like I knew why I was the way I was. I needed to work with someone who could help me release the old ways of thinking and behaving. The combination of Breathwork and body energy work really facilitates rapid growth.
I find myself having incredible journeys while with Elizabeth, and I leave feeling more free. The shifts I feel during the sessions stay with me in my daily life.  I think some of it has to do with her emphasis on the body--as an "over thinker" this kind of work really helps me let go.

Elizabeth is a full-service healer! She can provide any level of support you need. I feel very confident in her ability because she has experienced a lot of the darkness herself, and also because she is extremely intuitive and can sense what you need to hear/experience.
I think this type of work is invaluable because Elizabeth teaches you how to incorporate it within you, so you develop inner resources that can actually assist you with everything from daily stress to major life trauma.

– K.B., Nursing Student (F)

Breathing with Elizabeth opened up channels of energy and emotion that were buried deep inside of me. Elizabeth's insightful guidance and expertise in breath technique helped me come to terms with the loss of a parent. She is amazing and brings many resources to her caring, compassionate practice. I am ever grateful to her.

– K.F., Hair Stylist (F)

Hi I am writing this from Melbourne, Australia. Elizabeth what can I say....
I adore Elizabeth. I have done Rebirthing, bodywork, women's workshops and other healing work with Elizabeth. She is the one person in the world that I could say "I trust her with my life" in regards to healings and I have referred many happy and satisfied clients on to her. She also happens to be one of the most fabulous, wonderful and amazing women on this planet that you will ever meet and is in my top 4 people I miss madly from SF days. If you are fortunate enough to have stumbled across this site, follow your instincts and call her.

- K.P., Photographer (F)

Elizabeth provides a nurturing presence and a comfortable environment that welcomes my discovery of myself. I always look forward to our sessions, and through her guidance, I'm gifted with a deepening understanding and self-awareness. She is a blessing to work with. Thank You, Elizabeth

** I've been to see Elizabeth again since my first review, and the next visits were even more nurturing and self-revealing than the first! She enables the process of "opening in" as one that is natural, non-threatening, and wonder-filled.
If you've heard the phrase "When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.", then take a clue from the fact that you are reading this, and have a conversation with Elizabeth. She has been there, and she knows the way....
Thank You, Elizabeth!
(January 2010)

- L.B., Publisher (M)

When I was stuck, buried under depression and self-doubt and self-loathing, my work with Elizabeth helped me out of the hole. My work with her is undoubtedly a fundamental part of my success today as a happy and peaceful woman.

– L.H., Actor/voice-over (F)

I went to Elizabeth at an amazingly hard time in my life. I didn't think she could help and I wasn't sure what she was going to do. I went because a good friend of mine was finding relief and growth through their work together. After one session with her I was hooked. She is intuitive, loving, and skilled at walking me through my hard to reach places. Anyone would be lucky and privileged to get the opportunity to work with her. Run don't walk to see her!

- L.S., Businesswoman (F)

Elizabeth is a fantastic Rebirther, solidly grounded in the techniques she is using and with a big heart for her clients. I had the pleasure to not only breathe with her as a client, but also to have her at my side co-facilitating women’s retreats before I moved out of the area. I can always recommend Elizabeth as a safe and caring practitioner.

– L.M., Homeopath (F)

Elizabeth is a remarkably intuitive, soul-bright and generous presence. Doing Rebirthing work with her has made such a profound spiritual contribution to my life; allowing the Breath to work its wonder through me, reconnecting me to the vastness of my being beyond the body/mind phenomenon with which so many of us identify. Elizabeth is a wholly dependable, understanding and loving guide to this valuable work, which encourages us to move through and transcend our fear, shame and grief.

- M.B., Writer (M)

What can I say...I was a smoker from the age of 14 to 43. I had not ever quit, not even for a day. I had two Breath sessions with Elizabeth. My first session I went in with not one intention to quit smoking, and I got a big hit from the universe that said you need to stop smoking. Went home, smoked some more cigarettes, then went back. Session two I had the same message, only much stronger. Left and was ready to quit. Signed up for a support group, and it has been two and a half years without one single puff. Elizabeth started me on the road to being a non-smoker. I thought I was one of those smokers who would never quit. I really enjoy being a non-smoker. What a gift. Thanks Elizabeth.

- M.K., Artist/Photographer (F)
* No smoking 4 years+

My experiences with Elizabeth have been incredible - the breathing technique that she uses transports me to a different state of consciousness in which I feel a direct connection with the divine.

- M.S., Minister (M)

I honestly feel as though I had a spiritual awakening (in the Rebirthing Workshop) - a true separation of mind and body - totally amazing!  I was buzzing with aliveness for days and can't wait for another opportunity to participate. Thank you.

- N., Therapist (M)

Friends have recommended I work with Elizabeth for several years now.  I wasn't so sure I was ready to really come through my pain to the other side! But I had a Transformative experience in a group session Elizabeth facilitated last fall, and knew further work would take me through the pain and blocks rapidly. I've just begun working with her one-on-one regularly and know I'm about to move through some of my core issues in a safe way. My best friend says Elizabeth is the one person in the world she would trust her life with--a strong endorsement!

- P.B., Teacher (F)

Elizabeth and her work are amazing. When my best friend of 30 years died it was only through working with Elizabeth that I could deal with it. It was the first time I could cry and process and I felt about a thousand pounds come off my shoulder. I couldn't recommend her more.

- P.G., Musician (M)

Wow.  I mean, really - just wow. I called Elizabeth in the midst of a relationship crisis and just had my first session. Within the first few minutes of breathwork, I had a revelation that immediately shifted my entire understanding - not only of the history and troubled patterns of my relationship, but also how to shift and transform those dynamics into something that is more positive, more loving, more soul-nourishing for both of us.

I am totally blown away by Elizabeth's incredible healing presence and deep inner knowing of exactly what is needed. On her table, I felt truly  safe, and I received incredible guidance that allowed me to walk out of her space feeling clear, strong, open, and happy.

Thank you, Elizabeth!  I can't tell you how grateful I am.

- R.P., Consultant (F)

I had never heard of Rebirthing until I attended Elizabeth's workshop. Now I consider it a hallmark in my personal growth.

The workshop started with me sitting with one other person face to face and telling her "what" I am. I found this to be hard and embarrassing at first, but after we both did it I felt confident in being no different from this stranger… We were both in the same place having an experience.
Next was the rebirthing… heavy breathing until I felt my physical body take its own path and my emotional body come to the surface. I was able to grieve and laugh and be with anything that came up. It was amazing. I cannot describe the sensation. It was purely an allowance for all of "me" to be there. And having Elizabeth's gentle and loving presence there with me guiding me through it made it okay. I loved it.

I went in with an open heart and willingness to experience something new. I was met with a safe space and knowledgeable guides that took me on an indescribable journey into the self. The physical and emotional response to the Rebirthing went beyond any of my past experiences.

- R.R., Butcher (M)

Elizabeth is beyond amazing!!! She was extremely supportive and gave me clarity through several life changing events that I endured. I am forever grateful to her and the amazing work that she does!!!

There needs to be more places like Venus Rising where people can truly become connected to themselves and to the world around them.

- S.C., Teacher (F)

I went to one of Elizabeth Lutfy's Rebirthing Workshop session and was blown away. It was one of those peak experiences. Both powerful and deep, Elizabeth creates a safe space and I immediately felt at home.
She then guided me through a breath technique called "Rebirthing". I've heard this is over 1000 years old. This Breathwork modality helps people get into their hearts and release unwanted blocks. I walked out of the workshop feeling elevated and cleansed.

Besides the breath meditation, she offered counseling and couples dyad exercises that brought another element of deepening to the whole process.

I highly recommend Elizabeth for anyone who wants to open their hearts, create acceptance, or move into happier lives.

- S.P., Therapist (M)

I was turned on to Rebirthing with Elizabeth through a friend . I was definitely new to alternative healing modalities and was a bit skeptical. But when I started witnessing my friend transform after each session, I knew it was worth a try. I am a survivor of child abuse and the effects had creeped into every area of my life and I did not know how to let go of the anger and shame. It took some dedication on my part. I met with Elizabeth once a week or once every two weeks for several months. I not only found relief for my own life, I found forgiveness. There is no other place I would rather be than Elizabeth's Rebirthing table when I am need of seeing life from a new perspective. It totally transforms. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your dedication to this work.

-S.W., Cafe Owner (F)

Elizabeth’s Breathwork has allowed me to access a fuller potential than I knew was possible. This has helped me interpersonally and spiritually. Now, I am able to develop aspects of my personality to step more fully into who I am.

T., Interior Designer/Contractor (M)

I started seeing Elizabeth, and practicing breathwork, about a year ago. I decided to try this spiritual meditation after seeing the benefits that my partner experienced after her sessions. I honestly don't know what the breathwork does, but I do know what a positive change this practice has made on my life. It seems to clear a path towards your best self. It allows you to expose to the breath and release those experiences and thoughts that have been holding you back.

During my first session I didn't know where my professional life was headed and my personal life seemed challenging at times. A year later, my business has grown from 2 employees to 11 employees and has become a multimillion dollar innovative company. Most importantly, my partner and I are now planning a family. My greatest dreams are becoming realizations and new manifestations continue to occur readily.

Breathwork is practice. There are days that I think I am way too busy to go to my session, but every time I leave I am a better person for it. I am free of those personal challenges that have built up throughout the week and I am more focused to continue on my path towards my best self. Elizabeth is an enlightened human being and I am truly grateful that she is part of my life.

- T.T., CEO (F)

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Elizabeth is a skilled healer. Uniquely, she weaves together connections between the body, mind, and spirit. Her wisdom and training bring forth insight and oxygen, two key components for healthy change. She is personable, forthright, and clear in her approach. Her dedication towards helping her clients reach their personal goals is palpable.

-V.C., Therapist



What can be said about Elizabeth that hasn't been written by other posts here? She is a gifted, kind, generous, open, loving, intuitive, and completely "in service" healer. But honestly, words can't do the experience justice.

I saw Elizabeth close to 10 years ago originally and it was a transformational experience then. After running into some professional blocks recently, and after meeting with other career counselors, I was eager to reconnect with her. The "buzz" from the session now lasts close to three days and I definitely recommend not driving for at least an hour after working with her.

I'm not a tofu-y / spiritual guy at all and I'm still not sure exactly what goes on in the sessions other than deep, full-body connected breathing. But the work she does is simply the most powerful personal growth work I've ever done, well beyond counselors and martial art teachers alike.

We're lucky to have a practitioner like Elizabeth in our city.

W.W. Entrepreneur (M)



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