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Here’s what people are saying about Elizabeth and Venus Rising Breathwork:

Aside from being a truly powerful goddess who helps people to access and remember their divinity, (Elizabeth) seems to be psychic. (She) act(s) as a conduit for translating information the universe is trying to communicate to me that, for whatever reason, I don't / can't hear. But when she says it, I hear it. Simple! I love her. Also, having done every imaginable form of therapy, self-help, meditation etc. - nothing, and I mean nothing, is as powerful and effective as Breathwork. And Elizabeth is a safe person to do Breathwork with.

- A.C., Writer (F)

Elizabeth helped me breathe in a natural and deep way that I didn't know about previously. I have not smoked a cigarette since my first session with her, which was day 2 of not smoking for me. I still have not had a cigarette since March, and I am finding my breath when I need it most in stressful situations, downsizing my stress level and maintaining my sanity. I have an easier, more pleasant life. Elizabeth is attentive, supportive without being pushy, loving, and a truly healing soul with a big heart. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Can I give her six stars?
(Posted 2008)

* An update on Elizabeth's good work with me. I still have not had a cigarette since March and I am finding my breath when I need it most in stressful situations, downsizing my stress level and maintaining my sanity. I have an easier, more pleasant life.
(Posted 2009)

- B.J., Musician, Men's Counselor (M)

One session of Rebirthing with Elizabeth equals something like 4 years of talk therapy. It's like a decade of stuckness and stagnation can move in an hour. Elizabeth has a knack (I really believe she's psychic) for knowing what's at the core of your pain and helping you breathe it out. Over the last 9 months of working with her, I have become a different person.

- C.W., Artist (F)

My wife-to-be roped me into going to some pre-marital couples counseling with Elizabeth. I went to appease her and to be a "good husband". What I found was amazing. During our first session, I discovered things about my potential wife I never knew - how she thought about things and why. My spouse felt the same way. Those initial sessions with Elizabeth helped us to create a bond that grows stronger each day. It's been nearly 6 years and both of us remain grateful to and for Elizabeth. Real men do go to couples therapy.

- D.P. Anti-death Penalty Advocate/P.I. (M)

I signed up for a series of 10 sessions, and found myself amazed every time by the experience -- first, by the depth of my connection to my inner self and the truth of what emerged, and second, by Elizabeth's tremendous compassion, clarity, wisdom and acceptance. In my opinion, you don't have to "believe" or be new-agey at all to benefit from this kind of work. You just have to show up and participate. I still don't know what exactly happens during a session, from a scientific perspective, but I know things about myself and my capabilities that I did not know before.

- D.S., Businesswoman (F)

Elizabeth is an amazing Rebirthing practitioner. She provides a safe and nurturing environment. She is full of wisdom, helped me access the courage to give up my part time job and pursue my business full time. I now have a successful busy practice. Thank you so much, Elizabeth!

- K.W., Healer (F)

I found Elizabeth on Yelp when she had dozens of reviews (all positive!) But since Yelp periodically sweeps reviews from small businesses who don't pay them a huge fee, many of the articulate and heartful accolades for this amazing woman were lost in the ether. This is a shame, because EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT ELIZABETH LUTFY!

Let me see if I can paraphrase from the review that inspired me to make the initial call - it was something like: "I got more accomplished in 4 weeks with Elizabeth than I got in 4 years of therapy."

This person was right. You will walk out of your first session with Elizabeth energized, clear-headed and more prepared than ever to take on the world. Each session builds on the previous one, and after a couple of meetings you'll reflect back on how you were in that very first session and ask, "My God, who was that person?!"

Elizabeth is an amazing healer and confidante. Whether you're a devotee of breathwork and alternative therapies, or even a slightly skeptical novice, no matter - Elizabeth's methodology works.

She gently guides you through an interactive dialogue that causes deeply rooted beliefs, patterns and upsets to rise to the surface, where you can deal with them in the present. At the same time, meditative breathing helps you achieve a relaxed state of mind so you are free of the "noise" that clutters your awareness... not only during the session, but as an ongoing practice you can deploy at any time.

In particular, I've seen the effect of Elizabeth's process in my work life. I sometimes schedule appointments right before starting a project or when I know I have a big day coming up. Clearing the mental detritus helps me focus and approach my work with energy, calm and enhanced confidence.

If you're going through big life changes, are feeling overwhelmed with work pressures or just feel detached from the joy of life, I highly recommend scheduling a session with Elizabeth. It's like massage for your brain!

- L.M.B., Businesswoman (F)


Elizabeth …has helped me to breathe through a major career change, the illness and death of my wife, and several such major life events. Using only focused breathing, she has engaged my soul-retrieval process at a level quite astonishing.

- R.C., Social Worker (M)

Through Elizabeth's guidance, I feel like I have experienced my most growth as a person and a woman. I have gone through loves and losses, new jobs, new homes and moving to new places. Elizabeth has held my hand and helped me Breathe through it all. I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone who is ready to grow and experience life on a better, happier, healthier level.

-R.K., Businesswoman (F)

Over the years Elizabeth has helped me overcome challenges and celebrate triumphs. She is the most nurturing and caring practitioner, but also knows when to help her clients go into unexplored and uncomfortable territory-- in order to emerge with a clearer understanding of life and its possibilities. I highly recommend her individual work, couples sessions, and groups.

- R.R., Event Coordinator (F)

I had made it far enough out of a depression to realize I needed help. I started Rebirthing/Breath sessions (with Elizabeth). What a beautiful and healing spirit, what a journey with such gentleness and insight and peace. Her guidance, her clarity, her strength, her soul brought me back. I could Breathe. I could think. I could see. Going through the process wasn't always easy, but she was and is with me every step of the way. She is a dedicated and beautiful healer, a goddess of unity for mind, body and spirit.

- S.K., Realtor (F)

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