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Remembering who you are - and that you are already a perfect being - is at the heart of this work. Accessing spiritual wisdom and practices remind us that we are not alone in facing our challenges. Releasing outgrown patterns makes room for choosing new templates, affirmations and mantras, to uplift our beliefs and actions.

Placing our work in a spiritual context enlarges our vision of who we are -- fallible human beings doing the best we can, often forgetting that we are also one with the Divine/Creator/God/Goddess/Great Spirit/Higher Power/Buddha Nature.

At Venus Rising, Spiritual Counseling is integrated with Rebirthing Breath Meditation and Hands-on Healing in every session. In addition, I offer Spiritual Counseling by phone for my out of town clients.


  I was bundled in cozy blankets and Elizabeth's maternal warmth. Assisted by her fine coaching and tableside manner, I Breathed and Breathed once a week for an entire YEAR! ...My inner demons were exposed for the liars that they are...and then relinquished into the light. As a result of Elizabeth's highly skilled guidance & care, I am a happier, more energized, more liberated, demon busting individual.

- B.J., law student

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