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Breathwork has many names: maitri, holotropic, pranayama, rebirthing, conscious breathing, etc. Rebirthing breathwork is an intuitive mix of western metaphysics, gnosticism, hinduism, buddhism and, some say, Immortalism. The rebirthing process employs creative thought through affirmations to manifest personal transfomation. Thought is creative and you are the thinker.

Every experience that we've had is stored in our body (cellular memory). Some of these experiences no longer serve us and can negatively reinforce patterns and limit possiblities in our lives. In order to remember who we truly are, we expose everything to the Breath, raising our frequency to right elevation in order to be more fully alive.

Witnessed fully, our fear dissolves into acceptance and Unconditional Love. Conscious connected Breath provides a strong physical, energetic, and emotional clearing and is a universal vehicle for enlightenment.

At Venus Rising, Rebirthing Breath Meditation is integrated with Hands-On Healing and Spiritual Counseling in every session.

I have a number of articles on Rebirthing Meditation on the Breathwork Blog that will help to shine light on how Rebirthing works to awaken us from our old patterns of thoughts, reactions, and behavior.


  The effects (of child abuse) had crept into every area of my life, and I did not know how to let go of the anger and shame. I met with Elizabeth once a week or once every two weeks for several months. I not only found relief for my own life, I found forgiveness. There is no other place I would rather be than Elizabeth's Rebirthing table when I am need of seeing life from a new perspective. It totally transforms.

- S.W., Cafe Owner

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