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I enjoy working with a diverse array of clients and welcome all to receive the Breath. I am comfortable and adept at meeting people at important life thresholds. It is with gratitude that I serve men, women, teens, elders, and the LGBT community.


Modern times can place incredible stress on our men to be successful providers, hands-on fathers, active community members, and more. I am committed to supporting men to heal, thrive, and live authentic lives. Together we create a sacred space to drop into their hearts and wholeness.


Given the competing demands of work and relationships, women professionals are often challenged in finding balance and maintaining self-care, often placing themselves last. I am committed to sharing the Breath with women who long for the embodied soul nourishment that will sustain them through life’s changes.


Young people hold tremendous energy and idealism, and unfortunately their inherent beauty and power are often dimmed by challenges with body image, self-love and self-acceptance. I am committed to supporting them in cultivating their own gifts and trusting in life.


Our elders are often ignored as our greatest resource for wisdom born of experience. They may face physical discomfort, regrets for missed opportunities, and fear of mortality. I am committed to supporting elders to harvest the rich experience of their lives, navigate their changing relationship with their bodies, and be fully alive in the present. They need our loving support and have much to teach us.

I offer all my services to elders and their families before, during, and after the beloved’s final transition. Every situation is unique, so these services will be tailored to the specific needs of the elder and his or her family. Having experienced the loss of both of my parents, I know from a deep and authentic place that the Breath is a celebration of life, which includes the depth of our love and heartbreak.


The LGBT community is experiencing a spiritual and political rebirth, reclaiming all of who they are. I am committed to supporting lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, and transgender people to explore issues of identity and find wholeness. Some common themes in our work together: self-esteem, life purpose, body image, sexuality, partnership, family, politics, service.


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  Elizabeth created a safe environment for me to productively work through past traumas and at the same time, a fertile arena to develop new behaviors. While regularly doing Breathwork I found I possessed a clarity and inner peace that increased my effectiveness in the real world while providing me a deeper sense of my own spiritual journey.

- D.G., Tech

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