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And welcome home to your Breath, a direct way to experience Unconditional Love and your sacred wholeness. It is my honor and pleasure to embody the conscious Breath and to remind you how to use it to fully inhabit your body, soul, and purpose.


Breathwork originated from ancient Eastern traditions over 2500 years ago, and has long been used as universal tool to heal and transform awareness, allowing us to abundantly meet life as it is. Bringing healing intention during the breathwork session, we consciously open the heart to release limiting beliefs and patterns that no longer serve us. We Breathe in more nourishing ways to be with ourselves and others. We give ourselves permission to finally live the magnificent lives bestowed upon us. Breathwork is a gentle yet powerful gateway to our body's natural healing resources.

In our sacred work together, my role is to hold safe space and intuitively offer you support and guidance as your unique healing process unfolds; your work is remember who you really are, thus freeing yourself to take the next steps on your journey.

I look forward to working with you.




  Elizabeth Lutfy has guided me through a process of using Breath to relieve anxiety, release pain, access strength, and knock some chips off my shoulder. I have entered my mid- adulthood less reactive, less furrowed, less self-destructive, more smiley, more lovin', more connected. She is highly empathetic, talented, consistent, and intuitive.

– J.W.,
Elementary School Teacher

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